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Biomanufacturing artificial proteins

Biomanufacturing is a type of manufacturing or biotechnology that utilises biological systems to produce commercially important biomaterials and biomolecules for use in medicines and industrial applications 1. This post will focus on the manufacturing of artificial proteins for industrial application.

Recycling of plastics in the UK

Here's what most people don't know about the recycling of plastics in the UK. I don't think the Government does enough to inform us that not everything we throw in the recycling bin is going to be recycled. Take a

My 2020 reading list

My goal this year is to read 20 or more books. Simply because I didn't get to do a lot of reading in the previous year. Here's the list so far: The Fifth Risk: Undoing DemocracyNormal PeopleSuper Pumped: The Battle

My 2019 reading list

My goal to read more books each year took a setback in 2018 because I spent a lot of time in the second half of the year working on our startup. We were fortunate to get accepted in YC Startup

Material Guide - Econyl

I think part of sustainable living should involve some interest in researching materials so that you can identify which materials are eco-friendly and have an ethical supply chain. So I've been researching a few materials recently and in this post,

My 2018 reading list

This year's reading list is steadily growing. As usual, I go with recommendations from family and friends as well as other sources like Business Insider. I'm lucky to follow some amazing folks on social and I've received some interesting book