Here are some of the projects I've released online and in the app store over the years:

Magic Lens is an AI tool that allows you to generate professional-quality headshots for your LinkedIn and social media profiles.

CV Analyser is an AI tool that takes your CV and the description of the job you want to apply to. It analyses the content of your CV and job description and then provides recommendations to improve your CV to increase your chances of landing an interview.

ForecastGPT (coming soon to a ChatGPT plugin store near you) is a ChatGPT Plugin to get the weather of any given location and also makes appropriate outfit recommendations.

GPT Devs is a talent search platform where employers find and hire independent developers to add cutting-edge AI functionalities to their businesses. The platform lowers the cost of hiring developers and makes the process faster by giving employers instant access to a wide pool of talented AI developers who are open to new opportunities.

Forest is a sustainable living online community where members share their sustainability journeys, meet like-minded people and learn. Forest was built on the Forem platform.

Sounds of Earth is an audio-streaming web app that focuses on natural sounds from around the world. It was built with the Three.js library and allows users to navigate a 3D globe to find and play ambient sounds of nature from various regions of the planet.

Game On was a match-making startup we built back in 2011 at university. Unfortunately, the project did not gain the traction and network effect required so we had to shut it down in 2012.