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I've created my first ChatGPT plugin

As someone who has always been fascinated by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, I was excited to hear that OpenAI had given developers the ability to build plugins on top of ChatGPT. It's a simple ChatGPT plugin for managing

Intro to solidity

I've been learning web3 programming via Alchemy University and got my introduction to Solidity. Here's a post to explain the language to beginners. Solidity is a programming language that is specifically designed for the development of smart contracts on the

What is Net Zero?

Companies like Facebook and recording artists like Billie Eilish have promised to make changes to bring their greenhouse-gas emissions closer to net zero. The race to zero is a vital step toward managing climate change. But what does net zero

How do carbon markets work?

Intro Companies are driven by money, so you'd correct in thinking that putting a price on carbon emissions should encourage businesses to stop polluting, right? That's exactly what carbon markets were designed to do. Reduce emissions by charging polluters but