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5G in urban planning

5G technology is the fifth generation of cellular network technology, and it is set to revolutionize the way we connect to the internet and communicate with one another. As cities continue to grow and urban areas become more densely populated,

Biomanufacturing artificial proteins

Biomanufacturing is a type of manufacturing or biotechnology that utilises biological systems to produce commercially important biomaterials and biomolecules for use in medicines and industrial applications 1. This post will focus on the manufacturing of artificial proteins for industrial application.

Urban Informatics

Urban informatics is the field of study that involves the collection, management, analysis, and visualization of data related to urban environments. This data can come from a variety of sources, such as sensors, cameras, social media, and government databases. The

Recycling of plastics in the UK

Here's what most people don't know about the recycling of plastics in the UK. I don't think the Government does enough to inform us that not everything we throw in the recycling bin is going to be recycled. Take a

Carbon offsetting projects

Having an environmentally-conscious mindset can make life interesting. In addition to finding new ways to reduce my carbon footprint, I often thoroughly research every products that I need and verify its carbon footprint before buying. Over the years I've become

My 2020 reading list

My goal this year is to read 20 or more books. Simply because I didn't get to do a lot of reading in the previous year. Here's the list so far: * The Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy * Normal People * Super Pumped: