Having an environmentally-conscious mindset can make life interesting. In addition to finding new ways to reduce my carbon footprint, I often thoroughly research every products that I need and verify its carbon footprint before buying. Over the years I've become aware that very few products have a zero carbon footprint so to deal with this fact, I've started contributing to carbon offsetting projects. Here are two of the project that I've subscribed/contributed to:

Eden reforestation projects

Eden Reforestation projects reduces extreme poverty and restores healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year.

Visit Eden projects

Woodland trust UK

This organisation stands up for trees and woods across the UK. They campaign to stop the irreversible destruction of ancient woodland and unnecessary loss of trees from our cities.

Visit Woodland trust

There is also a growing list of carbon offsetting apps available. These apps can help you monitor your carbon footprint and offset it by subscribing to various projects around the world.


Joro: Your Climate Action Plan for Sustainable Living
Track your carbon footprint. Find your carbon type. Build sustainable habits to improve your carbon footprint through challenges and carbon offsets.

Project Wren

Wren | Offset your carbon footprint
Wren helps you calculate and offset your personal carbon emissions through a monthly subscription.


Pachama - Remove carbon. Restore forests.
Harnessing AI to drive carbon capture and protect global forests


Become climate positive for less than €1.50 per week



Become climate positive for less than £1 per week

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